Award 2017

Genmab is the winner of the very first DenmarkBridge Award

The Award was presented by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik at the Annual Meeting of The Danish Growth Fund on 3 May.


Award winner 2017


Why did Genmab win the 2017 award?

The DenmarkBridge Award pays tribute to companies, organisations or individuals who have the courage to think bigger, aim for the unreachable, and deliver on these promises  – a moonshot-mentality. That is exactly what characterizes Genmab, according to the DenmarkBridge Award Jury.

“Running a biotech-company is an innovation-intensive business. There are large returns when products have a significant effect and are approved for use. But before this, much R&D needs to be carried out. It takes persistence and ambition to make it happen, and being able to deliver on this is a trademark of Genmab,” says Christian Motzfeldt, chairman DenmarkBridge.

Genmab is honored to win the DenmarkBridge Award 2017.
”We are humbled and honored winning this award. At Genmab we have a bold vision that by 2025 our own cancer product will have transformed cancer treatment and we have a pipeline of knock-your-socks-off antibodies. Our international team has a moonshot mindset, and it is their talent and passionate determination that will ensure we can achieve our goals and continue to build an innovation powerhouse,” says Jan van de Winkel, CEO at Genmab.

See the video with Genmab and the other four finalists for the DenmarkBridge Award 2017.

Facts about the 2017 winner

Genmab is an international biotechnology company specializing in the development of antibody treatments of cancer. The company has committed to this by developing solutions that only target the sick cells, and not the healthy cells of a cancer-infected body. Therefore the company believes that patients should not suffer from side-effects to the same extent as earlier.

The company is based in Denmark and has entered the American market with the product Darzalex.

Genmab was listed in 2000 – only one year after the company’s establishment in 1999.


Finalists 2017

Meet the five 2017 finalists on 3 May 2017 at the Annual Meeting of the Danish Growth Found.

Meet the five 2017 finalists on 3 May 2017 at the Annual Meeting of the Danish Growth Found.

Unity - David Helgason

Unity is the worlds largest game development platform, known for pushing the boundaries of 3D technology. Founded by David Helgason, Unity is a rapidly growing unicorn in Silicon Valley, valued over one billion $.


noma is a Danish Restaurant, located in Copenhagen. noma is the foremost proponent in Scandinavia of the New Nordic Kitchen-wave. noma has put the Nordic Countries in the center of global cooking. Foto: Mikkel Heriba.

Universal Robots - Esben Østergaard

Universal Robots is a world leader in collaborative robots - cobots. During the last ten years, the company has managed to grow with a constantly high rate at 50-100 percent - with profit.  

Zendesk - Mikkel Svane

Zendesk is one of the most succesfull new Danish companies. With around 1600 employees and an annual revenue at approx 200 mio. USD, Mikkel Svane has developed Zendesk into a leading digital customer handling company.

Nominees 2017


Labster is the global leader in providing fully interactive, virtual laboratory simulations to higher education. Simulations engage students, increase student outcomes, and improve retention rates.


VELUX is a danish company that has been able to combine the danish roots with production in China and development and partnerships in California to become a truly global leader in its field.

Rene Redzepi

Rene Redzepi is the head chef and founder of Danish restaurant noma. Redzepi has been instrumental in developing new Nordic cooking into a global culinary movement. Foto: Peter Brinch.

Invisibobble - Sophie Trelles-Tvede

Sophie co-founded a hairband company, invisibobble, 3 months after joining university at age 18. She received the Forbes 30 under 30 price at age 23. She is now 24 and has more than 120 employees.

Milestone Systems

Milestone Systems is a Danish world-leading provider of software for safety video cameras. Has developed new strong revenue streams with e.g. Western Digital and Google in Silicon Valley.

Neurescue - Habib Frost

Neurescue is developing a new medical device for the greatly improved treatment of cardiac arrest, the leading cause of death. Founded by Habib Frost who was elected a Forbes 30 under 30 in 2017.


The Lego Group is a world famous family run company. With the LEGO-brick the company has created a World Wide brand and made adults happy to play again.

Tradeshift - Christian Lanng

Christian Lanng is the CEO, Co-founder and Chairman of Tradeshift, a global network and platform that connects 800,000 businesses across more than 190+ countries.

Danske Bank / Project X

Project X was founded by Danske Bank in 2014 as an internal disruption engine for the Bank. With Project X, Danske Bank in fact showed how corporate innovation should function in practice.

Systematic A/S

Software company founded in 1985 by Michael Holm. Have five core business areas: Public & Private, Healthcare, Defence, Intelligence & National Security and Library & Learning.

Leo Innovation Lab

LEO Innovation Lab works to find solutions to benefit people with a skin condition through e-health and add-on devices. The Lab builds bridges between the innovation scenes of Silicon Valley and Denmark.


The DrugStars app engages and enables patients to give to charities for free just by taking their medicines as prescribed by their doctor #GivingByTaking.


With a leading content management system, Sitecore has shown how ambition and systematic use of innovation and technology can develop and expand a company worldwide.

Juha Christensen

Juha is a serial entrepreneur with a remarkable track record. Voted one of the 25 Most Influential Europeans in Technology by Time Magazine, he has dedicated his career to building digital ecosystems.

Toke Kruse

Toke Kruse is an energetic executor and idea accelerator, at a level rarely seen among his typically reserved fellow Danes. An entrepreneur extraordinaire since 2001.

Maternity Foundation

Maternity Foundation is a Danish development organization that aims to reduce maternal and newborn mortality in developing countries.

CareCom A/S

CareCom's HealthTerm technology is a leading terminology solution for the healthcare sector providing governments and healthcare systems with normalization of healthcare codes.

SingularityU Denmark

SingularityU Denmark is a collaborative venture with Singularity University in Silicon Valley. SingularityU Denmark will work with established businesses, entrepreneurs, and innovators to create new opportunities for innovation.


M-PAYG is a Danish company with a mission to democratize access to affordable, clean and reliable energy for people living below the poverty line in developing countries.

About the DenmarkBridge Award

The DenmarkBridge Award has the following characteristics:

  • The award will be handed out annually
  • The award is honorary
  • The selection criteria are: Ambition, innovation and technology, commercial impact, network effect
  • Nominations that meet the criteria can be made public on
  • The board of DenmarkBridge serves as jury for the award
  • The winner will be announced by HRH The Crown Prince at the Annual Meeting of the Danish Growth Fund on 3 May 2017


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